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2015 03 15 Kite Party HB - Jeffery Tellio.jpg
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2015 02 28 - HVLL Opening Day JennaReggieJaxJimmy.jpg
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2014-09-13 15.13.46.jpg
2014-09-11 17.59.02.jpg
2014-09-11 17.11.39.jpg
2014-09-10 20.39.51.jpg
2014-09-10 20.13.39.jpg
2014-09-10 19.59.44.jpg
2014-09-10 18.43.05.jpg

Our fans are ohana!


Haole Boys Shave Ice doesn't just appreciate our fans, we love them!  In the Hawaiian language, ohana means family so we mean our fans are our family! We love them so much we're dedicating a page to them to spread the aloha! Would you like to see your picture on this wall?  Simply, stop by and take a picture in front of our food truck, kiosk or mobile setup, with or without staff, and post it to social media and tag us using @hbshaveice and include either #hbshaveice, #spreadthealoha, or #paradiseinacup via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Snap a picture with the owner, post to social media while tagging us to get some real ohana street cred and enter for your chance to win a special prize each month.

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