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About Haole Boys Shave Ice

What is Haole Boys?


Haole Boys Shave Ice is an authentic, Hawaiian shave ice company serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.   Not to be confused with snow cones or slushies, our authentic, Hawaiian shave ice is a refreshingly soft and fluffy treat that bursts with flavor as it melts in your mouth.


Besides supporting community events and frequenting regular food truck stops, we offer catering services for private and corporate events.  In addition, our founder, being a miliary veteran, believes strongly in giving back to the community by way of fundraising for various organizations and schools.


We pride ourselves on crafting authentic, Hawaiian‑style shave ice with the highest‑quality ingredients and the most delicious flavors.  Our syrups are handmade with 100 percent Hawaiian pure cane sugar and NEVER any high fructose corn syrup.  That's right, NO high fructose corn syrup, EVER!


Haole, what is that?


Hoale, pronounced how‑le, is a Hawaiian word that is used to refer to anyone not born native to the Polynesian islands.  In recent decades, and due to the increased tourism industry, it is more commonly used to refer to Caucasians.


Amongst our family and friends, the word is used jokingly and in such a way to gently poke fun at the reality that haoles may not be familiar with Polynesian culture or the lingo.


So, why the name?


The idea to create a company named Haole Boys started as a joke ‑‑ no lie.  My wife and I started talking about a shave ice business and what to call it.  We started tossing around Hawaiian words like "kahuna," "keiki" and what they mean, and the word "haole" came up.  I've been the haole boy in the family since day one, and my wife said, "What is a haole boy going to be doing making Hawaiian shave ice?"  And that was it!  That was the perfect name for the business!


Soon the idea took shape, a plan was developed, and the full concept of Haole Boys Shave Ice took form.  From concept to reality, it was several months before Haole Boys Shave Ice started offering catering services and opened as a food truck serving Los Angeles and soon after, Orange County.

Haole Boys Shave Ice Food Truck

How it all started


Our first events were private caterings and later, food truck events.  We took every booking that was offered and traveled across multiple counties to support events just to get our name out there.  The Haole Boys brand was widely accepted, especially after customers started to realize that our product was the great‑tasting and truly authentic Hawaiian treat they were expecting.


Since opening, Haole Boys Shave Ice has participated in many community festivals, sports league tournaments, family and school events, private and corporate catering events, and several hundred food truck events.  Our company focus has turned from mastering this wonderful treat to helping all to experience the aloha throughout Southern California with a bit of paradise in every cup.


Making Shave Ice History


Haole Boys Shave Ice is the first shave ice company to create a unique and proprietary recipe called the "Maple Bacon Delight" shave ice.  This limited-offer shave ice was unveiled at the Big Bite Bacon Fest held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA during the Summer of 2015.


Our company was also first to introduce a shave ice flavor just for dogs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Shave ice flavor specifically crafted for our four‑legged friends.  Unveiled at Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, CA our uniquely crafted flavors were very well received.


So, what's next?


Haole Boys Shave Ice has successfully proven the concept for the food truck, open‑air kiosk, and food booth.  Our company and product have been very well received from fans all over Southern California and from around the world who appreciate the uniqueness and quality of our shave ice.


We are open to licensing opportunities with interested parties who can appreciate the value of the brand, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and can manage their own business.  In addition, we are negotiating several opportunities that will continue to establish Haole Boys Shave Ice as a leading brand name in our industry.


Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get regularly updated information and be the first to know.

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